Solecast: w/ the pedestrian on Identity, Aesthetics, & Not Giving A Fuck


In this edition of the Solecast I speak with the pedestrian.  pedestrian is a scholar, rapper and  co-founder of anticon records.  He is one of my oldest and best friends and has always been somewhat of a mentor to me.  I recently released his album unIndian II on Black Box Tapes and we will soon be announcing a vinyl edition of the record.   This podcast also features him reading some of his poems throughout the episode.  

We cover a wide range of topics:

- Identity
- California and armageddon
- Growing up in an apartheid state
- Anecdotes about anticon
-The Folk Tradition
- His relationship with radical politics
- His new album unIndian II
- The importance of Project Blowed & The Goodlife Cafe
- How fucked up the world of academia is
- The #MeToo movement
- Our mutual friend DJ Stef who recently died suddenly

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