Solecast 20 "Rojava Special" w/ Janet Biehl

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Rojava Special with Janet Biehl

A discussion with Janet Biehl on Rojava and the works of Murray Bookchin. We go in-depth on how people in Kurdish region are developing an autonomous, democratic, stateless society in the midst of a warzone. Popular for being the most effective fighting force standing up to ISIS/Daesh(see Kobane), what is really happening here has largely been ignored in the mainstream media. What do democratic institutions look like in the cantons? How do you create real feminist institutions in a traditionally male dominated society? What do alternatives to policing and jailing look like? How do you create a horizontal, liberated society while under siege?

The discussion is framed around the Murray Bookchin’s life-long critical exploration of revolutionary ideas and praxis. We talk about Murray's evolution from Marxism, to social ecology, to post-scarcity anarchism to communalism and how this constant exploration of ideas have helped form the basis for a revolutionary society in the heart of the Middle East.

Janet Biehl’s new book, “Ecology or Catastrophe” is available now through Oxford Books.


Solecast 18 w/ Mike Eagle

Listen to the interview on Unicorn Riot.

Listen to the interview on Unicorn Riot.

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An interview with LA experimental rap artist; Mike Eagle. A wide ranging conversation on the artistic process, work, race, indie hip-hop, the rise of fascism in the states, widespread ignorance as a virtue, and Mike’s origins as a Chicago rapper. Mike talks about Black Lives Matter, class divisions in Los Angeles, his origins as a battle rapper and how that & comedy informs his take on rap music.

His latest project: Cavanaugh w/ Serengetti
His last solo album: “Dark Comedy”
His podcast: Secret Skin here

Solecast 17 w/ Doug Gilbert on Counter Information and Anarchist Strategies

An in depth interview with Doug Gilbert, author of "I Saw Fire."  We have a long conversation about anarchist strategies and counter-information.  Lots of practical stuff in here about how to get revolutionary projects started in smaller cities and how to meaningfully engage in larger cities.  We talk about what it means to "live and fight" and have a broader conversation about revolutionary projects and the working class.    If you enjoyed what Doug has to say please pick up his book, "I Saw Fire;" available now on Little Black Cart

Mansbestfriend 7

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This album is an epic poem i wrote during the uprisings over the past year. Its a about the anthropocene; this man made world of garbage and dead time.  Its written in the style I used to write all my music in a decade ago; one long piece that doesn’t rhyme and is written without music. The result is a very interesting kind of throwback sound made using an old SP404.

Initially this record was called “The Black Box” and it was meant to be a testament of our times; but I ended up using that title for the record label instead, because hey, that's what all music should be.

MBF7 is also the first release I’ve put out that is neither a CD or a tape or a book, but somewhere in between. The physical version of this album is a 32 page poetry book with a linen paper hybrid cover. This is not a pre-order’ the books begin shipping next week.

Also featuring musical contributions from 2 of Denver's finest:
Greg Ziemba of Rubedo playing drums
Tom Murphy of Pythian Whispers playing guitars
Mastered by Skyrider

In Depth Interview with Its Going Down

Check out this amazing interview I did w/ Doug Gilbert for Its Going Down.  Doug is an organizer in the Bay Area & the author of "I Saw Fire."  I was shocked to be asked to do an interview for this website, it was a project I had been watching from afar that promotes radical actions happening all over the country, almost as an alternative to places like facebook.  

This interview came out really great, he asked me a lot of questions no one has asked me before.   Read it here and bookmark the website because its an incredible news source. 

Sole & DJ Pain 1 "Def2AmeriKKKa" Tour

Death Drive

7/22 Denver The Walnut Room
7/23 CO Springs Flux Capacitor
7/24 FT Collins Gnu Gallery
7/26 Boise The Shredder
7/28 Missoula The Real Lounge
7/29 Seattle The Vera Project
7/31 PDX @ Blackwater Bar
8/1 Reno The Holland Project
8/2 Sacramento @ Blue Lamp
8/3 SF The Elbo Room
8/4 San Clemente @ OCTavern
8/5 LA Low End Theory
8/6 Las Vegas @ Backyard BBQ
8/7 Scottsdale @ Rogue Bar *
8/8 Las Cruces, NM *
8/9 ABQ, NM @ Burts Bar *

* (solo sole shows)

Solecast #15 w/ Scott Olsen

Click here to hear the interview

Scott Olsen is an organizer/activist with the Iraq Veterans Against The War.  He was thrust into the spotlight when Oakland Police Department injured with a flash bang grenade, the severity of his wounds was one of the causes for Occupy Oakland to call for the first general strikes  of our time.  This event sent Scott on a lifelong course of revolutionary work. 

In our interview we talk about militarism home and abroad, surveillance, ISIS, Kobane and the Kurdish autonomy movement, we talk about current movements against the police and have a general conversation about where things are going.  We also talk about a new intentional community Scott is developing in Wisconsin based around permaculture & resistance. 

For more info on Scott follow him on twitter @olsenvet