New Sole & DJ Pain 1 Video: National Bird

Sole & DJ Pain 1's new album Nihilismo is out now on Black Box Tapes:

In the aftermath of their recent world tour and release of their 2nd studio album Nihilismo, Sole & DJ Pain 1 are back with "National Bird." National Bird is the title track for the film National Bird. The song was written and recorded knowing little about the film due to the sensitive nature of the whistleblowers involved, only that it was about Military whistleblowers. Having a few friends involved with Iraq Veterans Against The War and knowing a few vets with PSTD, sole had been wanting to write a song about drone warfare and resistance to war for a long time and this was the perfect outlet. During the final hours of film editing, Wenders and Kennebeck decided to use the song as the title for the film.

The National Bird Video is a fictionalized day in the life of a drone operator. The worker wakes up, drives his kids to school, goes and kills people thousands of miles away and makes it home in time for a BBQ. The psychological impacts of this style of warfare is a nightmare for both the people living in targetted areas and those employed as part of the “kill chain” in the U.S. drone warfare program.

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National Bird hits theaters and PBS stations in May, 2017. Catch an early screening in your city

Solecast 32 w/ Stephen Polk on Anarchy, Permaculture and Struggles For The City

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On This episode I interview Naropa Professor, Stephen Polk. Stephen is a long time Denver organizer who has done a lot of work in Denver surrounding housing justice and ecology. Stephen just launched a new website examining these ideas called

We have a wide ranging discussion on the relationship between anarchist philosophy/practice and permaculture.  We discuss alternative economies and the discourses within permaculture surrounding capitol and economy. We also talk about struggles for the city, cooperative housing and the needs to create more cooperative relationships.  

Announcing The Sole Subscription Series & New Track War On The Real

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I premiered the first song from the series via Hip Hop DX this week, its called War On The Real.  Check it out



Audience Questions Pt 1 on Art, Inspirations, Political Views, Self Sustainability and A Whole Bunch of Random Shit

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This is an experimental episode of the solecast, consisting solely of audience questions. This is a special year end edition, covering a multitude of topics. This is a wide ranging conversation about politics, life, business and art. Topics covered include:

  • Favorite and most inspirational books, and resources for resistance

  • The relationship between gardening and being self sufficient

  • What inspires sole's art, his artistic motivations and the process involved in creating music

  • Personal relationships between various family members and old art comrades

  • Random questions about spirituality, music, gardening and business.

  • What it is like to be expecting a child in Trumps AmeriKKKa

  • The evolution of sole's support base & artistic direction through 20 years of music making

Also mentioned in this podcast:

Zach G and his battle against Nazis trying to sabotage his album

Spice Station in LA

Milo (rapper)

Tim Ferris' book "The 4 Hour Work Week."

A bunch of books and websites, like Its Going Down, Crimethinc, Submedia, Society of The Spectacle and Gaia's Garden

Sole & Submedia Release "Trap News"

History has shown us that voting on elections accomplishes next to nothing, and that real lasting revolutionary change is won through hard work, by real people self organizing, and not by elected politicians. Yet every four years, the spectacle of the Democrats VS Republicans entices millions and makes them forget these proven facts. Trap News is our friendly (and funny, we hope) reminder of this.

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This was a collaboration between and Denver based MC, SOLE (
The beats were provided by the one and only DJ Pain 1 (
Obama was played by Brer Rabbit of Flobots (
Alas ( was kind enough to take a break from her land defense work of stopping the Dakota Access Pipeline, to give us a few dope rhymes.
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Pat Boyle shot the video and Yasamin Holland did the make up and styling.

Extra special thanks to Hugo and Giordano from Juice Rap News for providing the inspiration on this one.

For a further critique of elections visit the good folks from CrimethInc. Or read “What is Democracy?” by Peter Gelderloos

Sole & DJ Pain 1 Nihilismo in Europe:

Sept 27th Limoges Le Phare fr
Sept 28th Tarnac, fr
Sept 29th Montreuil La Pêche Café fr
Sept 30th Bourges Nadir fr
Oct 01st Niort Camji fr
Oct 04th Lyon Periscope fr
Oct 05th Toulouse Metronum fr
Oct 06th Saint Nazaire VIP fr
Oct 07th Angoulême Le Mars fr
Oct 08th Chateauneuf de Gadagne Akwaba fr
Oct 10th Bruxelles Magasin 4 Belgium
Oct 11th Strasbourg Mudd Club fr
Oct 12th Metz le 7(7) fr
Oct 13th Audincourt Moloco fr
Oct 14th La Chaux de Fonds Bikini Test Switzerland
Oct 15th Chalon sur Saône Lapéniche fr
Oct 18th Geneva switzerland TBC
Oct 19th Linz STWK Austria
Oct 20th Hamburg Goldener Salon Germany
Oct 21st Leipzig Zoro Germany
Oct 22nd OFF in Leipzig
Oct 23rd Posdam Black fleck Germany
Oct 24th Vienna TBC Austria
Oct 25th Graz PPC Austria
Oct 26th Oberhausen Drucklufthaus Germany
Oct 27th Clermont Ferrand Raymond Bar fr
Oct 29th Athens, GR Antifa Live


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Nihilismo Tour Across These So Called United States

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Tour Dates:
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4/28 MPLS @ Triple Rock Social Club Buy Tickets
4/29 Chicago @ Eco House
4/30 Evansville IN @ PG Cafe
5/1 Cincinnati @ Urban Artifact
5/3 Ithaca NY @ Loft @ Chanticleer
5/4 Brooklyn @ Bell House "Assassin Papers" Release Party w/ Jeremy Scahill & Glen Greenwald. 
5/4 Brooklyn @ Aviv Buy Tickets
5/5 DC @ Heaven & Hell
5/6 Chapel Hill, NC Local 506 Buy Tickets
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5/9 ATX @ North Door
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5/12 ABQ @ Launchpad
5/13 Phoenix @ Hive Gallery
5/14 Las Vegas @ TBA
5/16 San Diego @ Soda Bar
5/17 La Puente @ Bridgetown
5/18 LA @ Low End Theory
5/19 SF @ Elbo Room
5/20 Arcata CA @ Richards Goat
5/21 PDX @ Annares Infoshop
5/22 Seattle @ Vera Project Buy Tickets
5/23 Boise @ Feral House
5/24 SLC @ Kilby Court Buy Tickets
5/26 CO Springs @ Flux Capacitor
5/27 Denver @ 7th Circle
5/28 Lincoln NE @ Bourbon Theatre Buy Tickets
5/29 Eau Claire @ The Plus Mainroom

European & Canadian dates to be announced soon.