Bottle of Humans Vinyl Re-issue

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In 1998 I moved to California to start a record label with my friends and dedicate my life to music. I was a stranger in a strange land, I didn’t understand it then but this was a magical period of human and musical history… it was the early era of the internet & digital recording. Record stores were still a thing. We sat in rooms and made music together, we recorded onto tape, we wrote rhymes on paper, we broke all the rules. These were the early days of what some might later call art rap, alternative hip hop, or experimental hip hop. Bottle of Humans was my first solo contribution to it. 

This album wasn’t meant to be an album at all, it was an evolving collection of songs I burned onto a CDR that I strangely titled “Bottle of Humans”. I would burn CDRs at my corporate job when my boss wasn’t looking, make covers on the copiers then sell the CDs to Amoeba music and around at shows. There were at least 3 different versions of this record that circulated during the course of its early life. In 1999 it was pressed briefly to vinyl, but it was quickly taken out of print because the distributor ripped me off. It never appeared on vinyl again. 

Now for the first time in almost 2 decades I am proud to re-release Bottle of Humans on double vinyl with a digital collection of rare & unreleased tracks that didn’t appear on the final CD version. Through this preorder I am also making available the original lyric pages on which I wrote these songs. Own a piece of this history.