The Solecast Ep 14 w/ Randy Greenback on the Military Entertainment Complex

Randy Greenback is a game designer.  He's worked on various games, from The Official American Army video game, to his most recent game "Fat Chicken."  Randy helped launched Relevant Games, and is a video game designer concerned with creating ethical video games that can entertain and get people thinking differently about the world.  Our interview mainly focuses on his experiences working with the American Army video game, Tom Clancy titles, and a lot of chilling behind the scenes information on how video games are actually made.  We discuss his personal philosophy about gaming and we talk about games we like, specifically "This War of Mine" among others.  

Randy also helped put together the video for "Bad Captain Swag" w/ Lil B and the official SOLE app. 

For More info on Randy check him out on twitter

"Getting into game design has never been easier, everyone who is interested should at least try it!" - Randy Greenback