WHITENOISE Skymall Video & Album Pre-order

For the past year or so Yasamin and I have been working on our followup to WHITENOISE. The first WHITENOISE was mostly just beats I couldn’t rap to that she played keyboards on.  On the new album its a band, switching back and forth between sequencing, instrumentation, etc.  I’m very excited with where this project is headed and super stoked to play some live shows this year.   The album drops March 23rd on Black Box Tapes

Pre-order WHITENOISE : RUINS on Bandcamp.

The first video for WHITENOISE is a mash up of car commercials, which have been “detourned” into anti-commercials for the anthropocene.   Its well known one of the best ways to earn a living from instrumental music is selling music to things like car commercials, so to invert the car commercial and turn it against the system seems only fair.   Watch the video here and if you like it, share it around.   Below are examples of the tapestries and prayer flags.