The Solecast Episode 11 w/ Ceschi Ramos of Fake Four Inc


Episode #11 is with Rap/Folk artist & Fake Four label head Ceschi Ramos.  Ceschi is one of the most original and exciting "new" voices to emerge from the indie-rap scene.  His music is a rare take on punk/hardcore/folk punk and experimental rap stylings.  He runs Fake Four Inc, one of the last great record labels that puts out a wide range of music from rock, electronica to rap music.  Fake Four put out 3 releases from Sole & The Skyrider Band; "Plastique," "Challenger EP," and "Hello Cruel World."

About a year ago he got out of prison for drug shit.  In this interview we talk about running a record label in such fleeting times, his experience in prison, his thoughts on race today, vegetarianism, philosophy and everything else. 

For more information on Ceschi check him out on twitter or check his music out.