New Episode of The Solecast! Ep 10 w/ Graham Clumpner of Iraq Veterans Against The War

Click here to Listen to my interview with Graham Clumpner.

For the past year the Solecast has been on hiatus.  Largely because out of the blue my father died and I just didn't have very much to say, it was a lot to process.  It brought on a wave of stress that I largely internalized and wasn't functioning at my best. 

Switching servers made this entire process pretty difficult as well, so I had to delete my old podcast page on itunes.  This fucks up a lot of shit, so if you have time to "rate" the podcast in itunes or "subscribe" to it if you want that would be awesome. 

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This interview was great for me and highly informative, Graham was in Denver for the summer organizing the Iraq Veterans Against The War conference and we got a chance to hang out a lot.  This dude is brilliant and hilarious.  His observations connecting militarism, to society, to gaming, to the environment, and what it says about the future is truly eye opening.  Check out the interview here.