30 "What The Fuck Do We Do Now?" w/ An Editor Of Its Going Down

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Solecast #30 is an in-depth discussion with one of the editors of It's Going Down.

It's Going Down is an anarchist news and counter information website and has become a hub for radical activity & analysis in North America.

From their website, "We are a network of friends and comrades across so-called North America that seeks to provide news and analysis of when it goes down: riots, strikes, sabotage, occupations, expropriations, rebellion, revolt, insurrection, whether together or alone – we support liberatory revolt."

Topics Discussed:

  • Discussing their approach to spreading radical ideas, and allowing for a platform for people from various radical currents to come together
  • Forming a radical pole against liberalism and the far right
  • What a Trump administration means and what some possible points of interventions are over the next four years
  • The need to reach out to working class folks in rural areas and getting out of the “radical” bubble
  • A discussion of some of the most inspiring actions happening in the US right now from pipeline resistance, the prison strike, solidarity networks, fast food workers & tenants organizing, and the rise in anti-fascist organizing
  • Placing the rise of white nationalism in the states & worldwide in historic context
  • The challenge of dealing with liberals who wish to contain the struggle
  • Why a dual approach pursuing electoral politics and street resistance will not work
  • The growing conversation happening in the states now, people dropping their pretensions and moving forward
  • How to contribute to IGD

29 w/ Abby Martin on The Empire

Solecast 29 is an extensive conversation with Abby Martin.  Abby is the host of The Empire Files on Telesur and former host of RT’s “Breaking The Set.”  

Topics discussed:

Her recent experiences in Palestine
The Empire (hegemonic western powers and their corporations)
The Crisis of investigative journalism
The US Election & its grim prospects
The aftermath of 9-11 and how conspiracy theories have derailed the quest for answers. 


Solecast 28 w/ Franco "Bifo" Berardi on Capitalism, Mass Killings, Suicide & Alienation

In depth discussion with Italian Autonomist/ Philosopher Franco "Bifo" Berardi on his book Heroes.  Franco is the author of over 2 dozen books, played a deep role in the Autonomia movement in the 70s and helped found Radio Alice one of the first pirate radio stations in Italy.  Heroes is a groundbreaking exploration of the links between capitalism, alienation, mass killings and suicide.  

Topics of discussion:

  • Mass killings & the society of the spectacle
  • The relationship between ISIS & alienation
  • Nihilism as the prevailing ideology of our times
  • Black Lives Matter vs Black Power
  • The crisis of the white race & patriarchy
  • Neuroplasticity & The coming techno fascism

Heroes is out now on Verso Books.


Solecast 27 "Beyond Democracy" w/ a crimethinc participant


“Generals always are fighting the last war
We want to be fighting the next war”

Solecast 27 is a discussion of crimethinc’s most recent text, “From Democracy To Freedom.”  Sole sits down with one of the crimethinc’s participants to have a wide ranging conversation about the perils of representative democracy and direct democracy.  Crimethinc makes the distinction between freedom and democracy, that we need to begin a rigorous examination of the notion of democracy if we are ever going to create a truly liberatory politics.  

“Democracy To Freedom ” is a reflection on many of the most recent resistance movements and revolutions, all fighting for one form of democracy or another.  Why has every revolution failed?  What is democracy exactly?  Everyone from dictators to protestors to presidents express their love of democracy, its become a stand in for everything and nothing.   

“The things we hold in common are not the most beautiful things about us.”

Topics of discussion:
- Democracy’s origins as a system of control, the rulers vs the ruled.  Citizens vs non citizens.  
- Democracy as a race to the middle
- Bernie Mania & The electoral spectacle
- How revolutionary projects & technologies get picked up and used by our enemies
- What happens when our demands are actually met?
- The role of policing
- Developing egalitarian systems of cooperation vs coersive institutions
- Creating spaces of encouter vs governing bodies

“The only hope of the human race is to find new ways of living in which we are not trying to rule each other.”

More information:
From Democracy to Freedom text
From Democracy to Freedom Audiozine:

Solecast 26 w/ Adam Brock on Social Permaculture & Urban Gardening

Solecast 26 is with Adam Brock cofounder of the Grohaus.  Adam is a permacultist, activist and educator.  The Growhaus is a nonprofit indoor farm, marketplace and educational center in Denver's Elyria-Swansea neighborhood.  Their vision is a world where all communities have the means to nourish themselves, and our mission is to create a community-driven, neighborhood-based food system by serving as a hub for food distribution, production, education, and economic development.  Sole and Adam have a wide ranging conversation about gardening and its relationship to revolutionary politics.    Adam has a book coming out in 2017 called Social Permaculture, which takes lessons from permaculture theory and applies them to every day struggles.

Topics discussed include:

DIY Gardening as part of a revolutionary practice
Food justice
Use of permaculture to regenerate eco systems in the face of global warming
Application of permaculture concepts in society
Lots of gardening tips, ideas & concepts
Experimental gardening


Solecast 25 w/ Scott Campbell on Anarchism, Palestine, Chiapas, & The Electoral Spectacle

In depth conversation with Its Going Down writer/activist Scott Campbell about his life of throwing down for revolutionary struggles.   

Scott talks about:
His take-backs from living in Palestine & Chiapas
His involvement with Occupy Oakland
A recent piece he wrote for the Institute of Anarchist Studies about anarchism with principles
A critique of Bernie-mania & the electoral spectacle

Music by ceschi

Solecast 24 w/ Beth Payne & Ed Medina of Carpe Locus

Solecast 24 is a report back from the Phoenix Anti Capitalist Conference. The first half of the interview is a discussion with the conference’s organizers about organizing in a politically hostile environment like Phoenix. Ed & Beth discuss the anarchist space they help run, and the philosophy behind their organizing.

The 2nd half of this interview is a recording of a panel that they did together about anarchist infrastructure, focusing on projects in Denver & Phoenix. Sole, Ed & Beth share personal observations, practices and thoughts on infrastructure and revolutionary organizing in their respective cities.

For more information on what these folks are doing check out Carpelocus.org

Solecast 22 w/ Alexander Reid Ross on The Oregon Standoff, Fascism In The States & The Global Land Grab

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Interview Recorded at the 3rd annual Phoenix Anti-capitalist Conference

Fresh from reporting from inside the Oregon Militia standoff, Sole speaks with Alexander “Sasha” Reid Ross on his work. Sasha is a co-moderator for the Earth First! Newswire, author, and contributor to Counterpunch & Its Going Down. His most recent book “Grabbing Back,” out now on AK Press is about the battle over public space. Sole & Sasha have a critical discusson of the Oregon Militia Standoff, its wider implication for the right wing/ patriot movement in the states and tie it in with the struggle all over the world over public space.

Topics discussed include:

- Oregon Militia Stand-off and fascist elements that played a role in it
-The link between the so called “patriot” movement, their white supremacist roots and a brief but highly informative history of the modern movement.
- The long term implications of Donald Trump’s electoral bid & the origins of the racist language he uses
- “The Global Land Grab” and the battle over the commons and private property being waged all over the world.
- The interconnected-ness of the struggle between the global loss of urban and rural land public space.

Solecast 21 w/ Brendan McQuade on Post Work Politics & Surveillance

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Solecast 21 is an interview with DePaul University adjunct Professor Brendan Mcquade.  Brendan is a writer for Jacobin Magazine & Counterpunch, he is currently teaching a course at De Paul about “Post Work Politics, Digital Labor & Surveillance.”  The conversation is a highly informative talk on what modern day labor struggles could look like in the wake of Black Lives Matter & Occupy.

Topics discussed include:

  • The precarious class
  • Basic income for all & moving beyond petty labor demands
  • Building on the labor & income concepts put forth Martin Luther King & Black Power movements
  • Digital labor
  • Reproductive labor & womens rights
  • Fusion centers as “urban pacification” & an in depth look at how that has played out in Camden, New Jersey

#20 Rojava Special w/ Janet Biehl

Rojava Special with Janet Biehl

A discussion with Janet Biehl on Rojava and the works of Murray Bookchin. We go in-depth on how people in Kurdish region are developing an autonomous, democratic, stateless society in the midst of a warzone. Popular for being the most effective fighting force standing up to ISIS/Daesh(see Kobane), what is really happening here has largely been ignored in the mainstream media. What do democratic institutions look like in the cantons? How do you create real feminist institutions in a traditionally male dominated society? What do alternatives to policing and jailing look like? How do you create a horizontal, liberated society while under siege?

The discussion is framed around the Murray Bookchin’s life-long critical exploration of revolutionary ideas and praxis. We talk about Murray's evolution from Marxism, to social ecology, to post-scarcity anarchism to communalism and how this constant exploration of ideas have helped form the basis for a revolutionary society in the heart of the Middle East.

Janet Biehl’s new book, “Ecology or Catastrophe” is available now through Oxford Books.

Website: http://www.biehlonbookchin.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jbiehlvt
Fed-Book: https://www.facebook.com/bookchinbiography


Ep 19 w/ Vivien Weisman - The Hacker Wars


An in-depth interview with Cuban born director Vivien Weissman. We discuss the hacker ethic, the importance of whistelblowers & the confluence of hacking & leaking. Vivien talks in depth about the importance of "activist journalism" and her new film "The Hacker Wars." We spend a lot of time talking about Jeremy Hammond, Barrett Brown, Julien Assange, and the anonymous movement.

Watch the hacker wars on Netflix or youtube

To learn more or to support the people we discuss in this interview check out the following websites.

Jeremy Hammond: freejeremy.net/
Barret Brown: freebarrettbrown.org/
Free Anons: freeanons.org/

All music used was from Cars & Trains "Dust"

Ep 18 w/ Open Mike Eagle on Race & Indie Hip-hop

An interview with LA experimental rap artist; Mike Eagle. A wide ranging conversation on the artistic process, work, race, indie hip-hop, the rise of fascism in the states, widespread ignorance as a virtue, and Mike’s origins as a Chicago rapper. Mike talks about Black Lives Matter, class divisions in Los Angeles, his origins as a battle rapper and how that & comedy informs his take on rap music.

His latest project: Cavanaugh w/ Serengetti
His last solo album: “Dark Comedy”
His podcast: Secret Skin here

Ep 17 w/ Doug Gilbert on Counter Information and Anarchist Strategies

An in depth interview with Doug Gilbert, author of "I Saw Fire."  We have a long conversation about anarchist strategies and counter-information.  Lots of practical stuff in here about how to get revolutionary projects started in smaller cities and how to meaningfully engage in larger cities.  We talk about what it means to "live and fight" and have a broader conversation about revolutionary projects and the working class.    If you enjoyed what Doug has to say please pick up his book, "I Saw Fire;" available now on Little Black Cart

The music we used in the interviews are selections from this really dope mixtape that I highly reccomend called "Post-Ferguson" by Antagonisms.  Tracks featured are:

OG Maco - "Riot"
TRAWWxATM - "Riot"
Comrade - "Right Back"

Ep 16 w/ Pictureplane & Scott Crow

In collaboration w/ Unicorn Riot

A wide ranging conversation about music, autonomous zones, art, and anarchism. Topics of discussion include; DIY venues, revolutionary possibilities, Rojava, The Dadaists, technology, early industrial music and radical culture. Scott Crow is a long-time writer & anarchist organizer. Pictureplane is a musician & visual artist.

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Scott Crow has a new anthology out called “Emergency Hearts, Molotov Dreams” here

Pictureplane’s new LP #TECHNOMANCER drops October 30th here

Ep 15 w/ Scott Olsen

Scott Olsen


Scott Olsen is an organizer/activist with the Iraq Veterans Against The War.  He was thrust into the spotlight when Oakland Police Department injured with a flash bang grenade, the severity of his wounds was one of the causes for Occupy Oakland to call for the first general strikes  of our time.  This event sent Scott on a lifelong course of revolutionary work. 

In our interview we talk about militarism home and abroad, surveillance, ISIS, Kobane and the Kurdish autonomy movement, we talk about current movements against the police and have a general conversation about where things are going.  We also talk about a new intentional community Scott is developing in Wisconsin based around permaculture & resistance. 

For more info on Scott follow him on twitter @olsenvet

Ep 14 w/ Randy Greenback on The Military Entertainment Complex

Randy Greenback is a game designer.  He's worked on various games, from The Official American Army video game, to his most recent game "Fat Chicken."  Randy helped launched Relevant Games, and is a video game designer concerned with creating ethical video games that can entertain and get people thinking differently about the world.  Our interview mainly focuses on his experiences working with the American Army video game, Tom Clancy titles, and a lot of chilling behind the scenes information on how video games are actually made.  We discuss his personal philosophy about gaming and we talk about games we like, specifically "This War of Mine" among others.  

Randy also helped put together the video for "Bad Captain Swag" w/ Lil B and the official SOLE app. 

For More info on Randy check him out on twitter

"Getting into game design has never been easier, everyone who is interested should at least try it!" - Randy Greenback

The Solecast

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A critical exploration of radical ideas.  Long form interviews w/ artists, academics, writers, organizers and revolutionaries.  

#1 Mckenzie Wark on The legacy & value of the Situationist movement.  --Listen--
#2 Pat The Bunny on Anarchism, Utopian Thinking and Police.  --Listen--
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#4 Pictureplane on The Temporary Autonomous Zone, 2012, the state of music, the DNC in 2008 in Denver, The Rhinoceropolis & Ufos.  --Listen--
#5 Frank Lopez aka Stimulator on state repression & surveillence, issues w/ socialism, the Montreal student movement, the need for true indy media, & a world without cops.  --Listen--
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#11 Ceschi Ramos on his time in prison, his art, his views & his Marxist politics.  --Listen--
#12 Will Potter on The Green Scare,  using drones against factory farms, the Nerd Scare, Animal Rights, Radical Activism --Listen--
#13 Terese Howard on Denver Homeless Out Loud on the housing crisis in Denver, Tiny Homes, and their advocacy for the homeless.   --Listen--
#14 Randy Greenback on the Military Entertainment Complex, "Games For Change," and the gaming industry.  --Listen--
#15 Scott Olsen on Occupy Oakland &  Militarism home and abroad.  --Listen--
#16 Pictureplane & Scott Crow on the history of industrial music & radical spaces.  --Listen--
#17 Doug Gilbert on anarchist strategy and counter-information--Listen--
#18 Open Mike Eagle on Indie Hip-hop and Race.  --Listen--
#19 Vivien Weissman on activist journalism and the hacker/whistleblower insurgency.  --Listen--
#20 Janet Biehl on the revolution in Rojava(aka Kurdistan) & Murray Bookchin -- Listen --
#21 Brendan McQuade on Post-work Politics & Digital Labor



The Solecast Episode 13 w/ Terese Howard of Denver Homeless Out Loud

Join us for an in-depth discussion about homelessness, the criminalization of the poor, and the disappearance of public space with Terese Howard of Denver Homeless Out Loud.  Terese is a long term anti-capitalist organizer in the city of Denver, she was one of the architects of the Occupy Denver teach ins and when the "urban camping ban" was passed in Denver she helped found Denver Homeless Out Loud.   Beyond just building Tiny Homes and advocating for the homeless, the main project they are focusing on right now is the "Right To Rest Act" aka the "Homeless Bill of Rights" which is currently being pushed in Colorado, California and Oregon.  For more information visit Denverhomelessoutloud.org.