Nihilismo Tour Across These So Called United States

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Tour Dates:
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4/28 MPLS @ Triple Rock Social Club Buy Tickets
4/29 Chicago @ Eco House
4/30 Evansville IN @ PG Cafe
5/1 Cincinnati @ Urban Artifact
5/3 Ithaca NY @ Loft @ Chanticleer
5/4 Brooklyn @ Bell House "Assassin Papers" Release Party w/ Jeremy Scahill & Glen Greenwald. 
5/4 Brooklyn @ Aviv Buy Tickets
5/5 DC @ Heaven & Hell
5/6 Chapel Hill, NC Local 506 Buy Tickets
5/7 Atlanta @ Mammal Gallery Buy Tickets
5/8 New Orleans @ United Bakery Gallery
5/9 ATX @ North Door
5/11 SATX @ Limelight Buy Tickets
5/12 ABQ @ Launchpad
5/13 Phoenix @ Hive Gallery
5/14 Las Vegas @ TBA
5/16 San Diego @ Soda Bar
5/17 La Puente @ Bridgetown
5/18 LA @ Low End Theory
5/19 SF @ Elbo Room
5/20 Arcata CA @ Richards Goat
5/21 PDX @ Annares Infoshop
5/22 Seattle @ Vera Project Buy Tickets
5/23 Boise @ Feral House
5/24 SLC @ Kilby Court Buy Tickets
5/26 CO Springs @ Flux Capacitor
5/27 Denver @ 7th Circle
5/28 Lincoln NE @ Bourbon Theatre Buy Tickets
5/29 Eau Claire @ The Plus Mainroom

European & Canadian dates to be announced soon.

Sole & DJ Pain 1 Announce Kickstarter for Nihilismo

2 Years after the release of their critically acclaimed album Death Drive, Sole & DJ Pain 1 announce the follow-up album, “Nihilismo.” This album embodies the overlap of their music with the world of activism and journalism. Nihilismo is a revolutionary hip-hop album that challenges the nihilism of modern life, of late stage capitalism and of a world that seems to have no future. It is a DIY testament to how both artists have plotted a way out of that despair through DIY ethics and a life of making working class, yet revolutionary music.  To be released on collaboration with Fake Four Inc. & Alpha Pup.

The winning collaboration between indy rap iconoclast and platinum producer DJ Pain 1 has resulted in truly original music that has been heralded by industry standards including 2DopeBoyz and Spin, as well as popular radical media platforms such as Russia Today and Truthout. Featuring contributions from punk rock icon Chris Hanna of Propagandhi, anarchist author Scott Crow, Decomposure, Fake Four label head Ceschi, Jah Boogie, Church Fire and The Delta Mirror, "Nihilismo" pushes the boundaries of the genre. The album also includes the title track for the upcoming documentary on Drone whistleblowers, "National Bird," which recently premiered at the Berlin Film Festival to rave reviews.

Your support will allow us to press up vinyl for our new album and make a vinyl version of our last project, Death Drive. With your supportive pre-orders and donations, we will mix the album, & get it mastered.

Solecast 22 w/ Alexander Reid Ross on The Rise of Fascism in the US & The Global Land Grab

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Interview Recorded at the 3rd annual Phoenix Anti-capitalist Conference

Fresh from reporting from inside the Oregon Militia standoff, Alexander “Sasha” Reid Ross speaks with Sole on his work. Sasha is a co-moderator for the Earth First! Newswire, author, and contributor to Counterpunch & Its Going Down. His most recent book “Grabbing Back,” out now on AK Press is about the battle over public space. Sole & Sasha have a critical discussion of the Oregon Militia Standoff, its wider implication for the right wing/ patriot movement in the states, and tie it in with the struggle all over the world over public space.

Topics discussed include:

  • Oregon Militia Stand-off and fascist elements that played a role in it.
  • The link between the so called “patriot” movement, their white supremacist roots and a brief but highly informative history of the modern movement.
  • The long term implications of Donald Trump’s electoral bid & the origins of the racist language he uses.
  • “The Global Land Grab” and the battle over the commons and private property being waged all over the world.
  • The interconnected-ness of the struggle between the global loss of urban and rural land public space.

Solecast 21 "Post-Work Politics" w/ Brendan McQuade

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Solecast 21 is an interview with DePaul University adjunct Professor Brendan Mcquade.  Brendan is a writer for Jacobin Magazine & Counterpunch, he is currently teaching a course at De Paul about “Post Work Politics, Digital Labor & Surveillance.”  The conversation is a highly informative talk on what modern day labor struggles could look like in the wake of Black Lives Matter & Occupy.

Topics discussed include:

  • The precarious class
  • Basic income for all & moving beyond petty labor demands
  • Building on the labor & income concepts put forth Martin Luther King & Black Power movements
  • Digital labor
  • Reproductive labor & womens rights
  • Fusion centers as “urban pacification” & an in depth look at how that has played out in Camden, New Jersey

Solecast 20 "Rojava Special" w/ Janet Biehl

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Rojava Special with Janet Biehl

A discussion with Janet Biehl on Rojava and the works of Murray Bookchin. We go in-depth on how people in Kurdish region are developing an autonomous, democratic, stateless society in the midst of a warzone. Popular for being the most effective fighting force standing up to ISIS/Daesh(see Kobane), what is really happening here has largely been ignored in the mainstream media. What do democratic institutions look like in the cantons? How do you create real feminist institutions in a traditionally male dominated society? What do alternatives to policing and jailing look like? How do you create a horizontal, liberated society while under siege?

The discussion is framed around the Murray Bookchin’s life-long critical exploration of revolutionary ideas and praxis. We talk about Murray's evolution from Marxism, to social ecology, to post-scarcity anarchism to communalism and how this constant exploration of ideas have helped form the basis for a revolutionary society in the heart of the Middle East.

Janet Biehl’s new book, “Ecology or Catastrophe” is available now through Oxford Books.


Solecast 18 w/ Mike Eagle

Listen to the interview on  Unicorn Riot .

Listen to the interview on Unicorn Riot.

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An interview with LA experimental rap artist; Mike Eagle. A wide ranging conversation on the artistic process, work, race, indie hip-hop, the rise of fascism in the states, widespread ignorance as a virtue, and Mike’s origins as a Chicago rapper. Mike talks about Black Lives Matter, class divisions in Los Angeles, his origins as a battle rapper and how that & comedy informs his take on rap music.

His latest project: Cavanaugh w/ Serengetti
His last solo album: “Dark Comedy”
His podcast: Secret Skin here