Till the end of 2015 The following releases will be available for $5 per album in an effort to liquidate back catalogue and free up storage space in my Studio/Office.  Many of these CD's are almost out of print, and when they are out of print will not be pressed on CD again anytime in the near future(probably ever).  All these albums are available in full, streaming on my bandcamp page if you want to hear them first: sole.bandcamp.com.

Nuclear Winter is me "detourning" mainstream rap songs and infusing them with anti-capitalist sentiment, while Crimes Against Totality & Songs That Went Tin feature demos & unreleased tracks.
$5 Nuclear Winter 1 
$5 Nuclear Winter 2
$5 Crimes Against Totality

Mansbestfriend Series:
The mansbestfriend series is my" experimental side project," abstract lyrics over noisy beats I make
$5 Mansbestfriend 3
$5 Mansbestfriend 4 "Poly.sci.187"
$5 Mansbestfriend 5

Sole & The Skyrider Band:
A Band we formed in AZ that went through rapid evolution from godspeed esque epic walls of sound to a polished orchestral take on mainstream rap.
$5 S/T (debut album)
$5 S/T (remix album)
$5 Plastique 
$5 Hello Cruel World