Solecast 21 w/ Brendan McQuade on Post Work Politics & Surveillance

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Solecast 21 is an interview with DePaul University adjunct Professor Brendan Mcquade.  Brendan is a writer for Jacobin Magazine & Counterpunch, he is currently teaching a course at De Paul about “Post Work Politics, Digital Labor & Surveillance.”  The conversation is a highly informative talk on what modern day labor struggles could look like in the wake of Black Lives Matter & Occupy.

Topics discussed include:

  • The precarious class
  • Basic income for all & moving beyond petty labor demands
  • Building on the labor & income concepts put forth Martin Luther King & Black Power movements
  • Digital labor
  • Reproductive labor & womens rights
  • Fusion centers as “urban pacification” & an in depth look at how that has played out in Camden, New Jersey
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#20 Rojava Special w/ Janet Biehl

Rojava Special with Janet Biehl

A discussion with Janet Biehl on Rojava and the works of Murray Bookchin. We go in-depth on how people in Kurdish region are developing an autonomous, democratic, stateless society in the midst of a warzone. Popular for being the most effective fighting force standing up to ISIS/Daesh(see Kobane), what is really happening here has largely been ignored in the mainstream media. What do democratic institutions look like in the cantons? How do you create real feminist institutions in a traditionally male dominated society? What do alternatives to policing and jailing look like? How do you create a horizontal, liberated society while under siege?

The discussion is framed around the Murray Bookchin’s life-long critical exploration of revolutionary ideas and praxis. We talk about Murray's evolution from Marxism, to social ecology, to post-scarcity anarchism to communalism and how this constant exploration of ideas have helped form the basis for a revolutionary society in the heart of the Middle East.

Janet Biehl’s new book, “Ecology or Catastrophe” is available now through Oxford Books.



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Ep 19 w/ Vivien Weisman - The Hacker Wars


An in-depth interview with Cuban born director Vivien Weissman. We discuss the hacker ethic, the importance of whistelblowers & the confluence of hacking & leaking. Vivien talks in depth about the importance of "activist journalism" and her new film "The Hacker Wars." We spend a lot of time talking about Jeremy Hammond, Barrett Brown, Julien Assange, and the anonymous movement.

Watch the hacker wars on Netflix or youtube

To learn more or to support the people we discuss in this interview check out the following websites.

Jeremy Hammond:
Barret Brown:
Free Anons:

All music used was from Cars & Trains "Dust"

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Ep 18 w/ Open Mike Eagle on Race & Indie Hip-hop

An interview with LA experimental rap artist; Mike Eagle. A wide ranging conversation on the artistic process, work, race, indie hip-hop, the rise of fascism in the states, widespread ignorance as a virtue, and Mike’s origins as a Chicago rapper. Mike talks about Black Lives Matter, class divisions in Los Angeles, his origins as a battle rapper and how that & comedy informs his take on rap music.

His latest project: Cavanaugh w/ Serengetti
His last solo album: “Dark Comedy”
His podcast: Secret Skin here

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Ep 16 w/ Pictureplane & Scott Crow

In collaboration w/ Unicorn Riot

A wide ranging conversation about music, autonomous zones, art, and anarchism. Topics of discussion include; DIY venues, revolutionary possibilities, Rojava, The Dadaists, technology, early industrial music and radical culture. Scott Crow is a long-time writer & anarchist organizer. Pictureplane is a musician & visual artist.

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Scott Crow has a new anthology out called “Emergency Hearts, Molotov Dreams” here

Pictureplane’s new LP #TECHNOMANCER drops October 30th here

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Ep 15 w/ Scott Olsen

Scott Olsen


Scott Olsen is an organizer/activist with the Iraq Veterans Against The War.  He was thrust into the spotlight when Oakland Police Department injured with a flash bang grenade, the severity of his wounds was one of the causes for Occupy Oakland to call for the first general strikes  of our time.  This event sent Scott on a lifelong course of revolutionary work. 

In our interview we talk about militarism home and abroad, surveillance, ISIS, Kobane and the Kurdish autonomy movement, we talk about current movements against the police and have a general conversation about where things are going.  We also talk about a new intentional community Scott is developing in Wisconsin based around permaculture & resistance. 

For more info on Scott follow him on twitter @olsenvet

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Ep 14 w/ Randy Greenback on The Military Entertainment Complex

Randy Greenback is a game designer.  He's worked on various games, from The Official American Army video game, to his most recent game "Fat Chicken."  Randy helped launched Relevant Games, and is a video game designer concerned with creating ethical video games that can entertain and get people thinking differently about the world.  Our interview mainly focuses on his experiences working with the American Army video game, Tom Clancy titles, and a lot of chilling behind the scenes information on how video games are actually made.  We discuss his personal philosophy about gaming and we talk about games we like, specifically "This War of Mine" among others.  

Randy also helped put together the video for "Bad Captain Swag" w/ Lil B and the official SOLE app. 

For More info on Randy check him out on twitter

"Getting into game design has never been easier, everyone who is interested should at least try it!" - Randy Greenback

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The Solecast Episode 13 w/ Terese Howard of Denver Homeless Out Loud

Join us for an in-depth discussion about homelessness, the criminalization of the poor, and the disappearance of public space with Terese Howard of Denver Homeless Out Loud.  Terese is a long term anti-capitalist organizer in the city of Denver, she was one of the architects of the Occupy Denver teach ins and when the "urban camping ban" was passed in Denver she helped found Denver Homeless Out Loud.   Beyond just building Tiny Homes and advocating for the homeless, the main project they are focusing on right now is the "Right To Rest Act" aka the "Homeless Bill of Rights" which is currently being pushed in Colorado, California and Oregon.  For more information visit

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The Solecast Episode 12 w/ Will Potter Author of Green Is The New Red


Will Potter is an award-winning journalist, author, and TED Fellow based in Washington, D.C. who focuses on the animal rights and environmental movements, and civil liberties post-9/11.  We talk about a ton of shit, from government repression, civil unrest,  the animal rights movement, the precarious nature of being a writer/artist in the digital age, his use of drones to expose the environmental impact of factory farming and much much more.  


More info on Will Potter: HTTP://GREENISTHENEWRED.COM

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The Solecast #11 w/ Ceschi Ramos of Fake Four Inc

Episode #11 is with Rap/Folk artist & Fake Four label head Ceschi Ramos.  Ceschi is one of the most original and exciting "new" voices to emerge from the indie-rap scene.  His music is a rare take on punk/hardcore/folk punk and experimental rap stylings.  He runs Fake Four Inc, one of the last great record labels that puts out a wide range of music from rock, electronica to rap music.  Fake Four put out 3 releases from Sole & The Skyrider Band; "Plastique," "Challenger EP," and "Hello Cruel World."

About a year ago he got out of prison for drug shit.  In this interview we talk about running a record label in such fleeting times, his experience in prison, his thoughts on race today, vegetarianism, philosophy and everything else. 

For more information on Ceschi check him out on twitter or check his music out.

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The Solecast Episode 10 w/ Graham Clumpner of Iraq Veterans Against The War

graham clumpner ivaw

Episode 10 marks the official relaunch of the Solecast with my man Graham Clumpner of Iraq Veterans Against the War.  Since returning from Afghanistan Graham has dedicated himself to ending US imperialism and has extended that work to a broader critique of our unsustainable society.  Graham speaks in depth about the evolution of police, organizing, and the role war veterans can play in social movements.  Much of Graham's current work is related to combatting  climate change and environmental destruction; always pointing to the impact climate has on war and unrest.

follow Graham on twitter @turncoatveteran
follow Iraq Veterans Against The War on twitter @ivaw
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The Solecast Episode 9 w/ Scott Crow


Episode 9's guest is Scott Crow. Scott Crow is a long time community organizer, activist, and strategist.  He was one of the core organizers for the Common Ground Collective; an anarchist inspired project to help rebuild New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.  Scott is a "U.S. terrorist watchlist alumni" who has continued to do amazing organizing work in the face of government surveillance & repression.  Scott has a very human and honest anarchist perspective that we can all take away from.

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The Solecast Episode 8 w/ Jared Paul

Jared Paul

Jared Paul is one of my biggest influences as far as combining art & "activism" goes.  For years he toured as lead singer for Prayers For Athiests, and as an opening act with Sage Francis and participant in Strange Famous Records. J ared Paul is a national slam champion, vegan, anti-capitalist, and is one the realest cats in the game. Check out his music/poetry/activism at   This interview was conducted over skype and a few points there are minor glitches, for that i apologize, blame the NSA ;)

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The Solecast Episode 7 w/ Jason Hribal

Jason Hribal

On the solecast #7 I speak with Jason Hribal… author of Fear Of The Animal Planet.   Jason Hribal's work looks at the history of animals from the perspective that they are active participants in history, that they shape our world, are intelligent and emotional creatures capable of acts of compassion, joy and most importantly; resistance.  Fear of The Animal Planet is for animal liberation what People's History of the United States is to US history.  In this interview we talk a lot about an interview he did on "Animal Voices" about how animals are part of the working class, you can hear the interview with "Animal Voices" here.   This isn't some preachy vegan shit, this is a very serious and new way of looking at animals.   Anyone who lives with animals, visits zoos & forests, or lives in this world can benefit from taking in his work and reflecting on it.   Towards the end of the interview Jason talks about how they've begun slaughtering wild horses in New Mexico, according to the Earth First! Newswire, on July 30th one of these slaughterhouses was burned to the ground.    

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The Solecast Episode 6 w/ Busdriver


Busdriver is a rapper from Los Angeles. He got his start with the Project Blowed / Good Life movement.  For those who don't know what Project Blowed is, I would argue that it is the scene that paved the way for artists like early anticon & Bone thugs and Harmony.  Busdriver epitomizes experimental rap crafstmanship, over the course of his career he has constantly pushed the envelope more then almost any other rapper.  He has a ton of records out, his latest full length album; Beaus$eros is out on Fake Four Inc.    We talked about Project blowed, experimentation within music, "The Feed," Los Angeles, Hollywood, perpetual war, Israel, file sharing, major label astroturfing ,the european and american cultural experience, music careers, the one man rap show, and the Hellfyre Club Collective.  

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The Solecast Episode 3 w/ Chad Kautzer


Chad Kautzer is a philosophy professor at UC Denver, an activist that is deeply involved with class/justice/economic issues in Denver. We talk about conspiracies, economics, the financial crisis, the gold standard, libertarianism, and much more. For more information check out  or peep some of his lectures from his Occupy Denver Teach-Ins.

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The Solecast Episode 1 w/ Mckenzie Wark


On the first episode of "THE SOLECAST," sole interviews New School professor & author Mckenzie Wark. Mckenzie Wark is one of the foremost scholar of The Situationists and a pre-eminent post modern theorist. He is the author of several books, including "Hacker Manifesto," "The Beach Beneath The Street", and "Telesthesia."

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