2019 Montreal Anarchist Bookfair Panel w/ From Embers, Solecast, Intersection'elle & The Rebel Beat

Montreal Anarchist Bookfair Podcast Panel

This episode of the Solecast is a re-air from Podcast panel at the 2019 Montreal Anarchist Bookfair.  This panel was hosted by Mugs and its participants were From Embers, Rebel Beat / Changing On The Fly, Intersection’elle, and myself.  We discussed anarchist podcasts in general, their role in the movement, Channel Zero, and the sort of feedback we have gotten from our projects.  The conversation took some interesting philosophical turns as we talked about privacy, identity and alienation, among other subjects.  We also got some great questions from people in the audience about prison abolition, starting a new podcast and how to handle the feedback and permission of interviewees.   Much love to the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair for inviting us in for this awesome discussion and for its amazing work keeping this vital infrastructure going for 20 years! 

From Embers
Rebel Beat / Changing On The Fly

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Food Autonomy: Around The World in 80 Plants w/ Stephen Barstow


This episode of the Solecast I sit down with Stephen Barstow, aka The Extreme Salad Man to talk about his work documenting and popularizing rare edible plants. We are also joined by Aaron Parker from Edgewood Nursery who introduced me to Stephen's work and also grows and sells a lot of these plants.

In this conversation we talk about his book "Around the World In 80 Plants," his website Edimentals.com and his lifelong quest to research, catalogue, grow and experiment with thousands of rare edible plants from around the world. We get into his origin story as a vegetarian in meat-centric Norway uncovering the growing potentials in his region through foraging. He talks about his travels around the world learning about how these plants are grown, used and then bringing those plants home to cultivate. For anyone who is bored with growing the same old shit, or interested in permaculture/forest farming his work is inspiring, informative and coverers a much wider range of vegetables then are commonly discussed in permaculture and market farming.

Pick up his book "Around The World In 80 Plants" direct from Stephen and check out his website Edimentals.com

My guest co-host for this interview, Aaron from Edgewood Nursery sells a lot of the plants and seeds for the perennial plants that Stephen promotes, check out his website at Edgewood-Nursery.com.

Stephen Barstow Around The World in 80 Plants
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Solecast w/ Lee Reed: Rapping & Organizing Against The Apocalypse

lee reed.jpg

In this episode of the Solecast I speak with Lee Reed. We talk about his new album “Before & Aftermath” out now on Strange Famous records and his previous album “Steal City” EP which was a benefit for the Hamilton Tenants Union. Lee is one of the longest working rappers in Canada and has a unique and often aggressive rapping style consisting of anti-capitalist prose, well researched topical concept songs shining light on the excesses of capital and people fighting back over updated boom bap style beats. This is a fun conversation between two rapper homies, we talk about everything from economic collapse, Canadian Politics, why some Canadian rappers have the strangest names and much much more.

He is about to embark on his first European tour w/ Kay The Aquanot, if you’re on that side of the pond check them out.

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Food Autonomy: Will Bonsall on Vegan Homesteading & Radical Self Reliance


In this episode of the solecast i speak with Will Bonsall about his book “Will Bonsall’s Essential Guide To Radical Self Reliance” and discuss ideas on vegan homesteading and “sustainability.”  Will is a pioneer of “veganic” farming which is very similar to permaculture farming practices but without animals and focusing mostly on staple crops.  We talk about some of his favorite companion planting pairs for growing things like carrots, broccoli, cabbage, onions, beans etc.  We also talk about the Scatterseed Project which is dedicated to preserving heirloom seeds and promoting them.   We also chat a bit about his fantasy novel, Through The Eyes Of A Stranger that imagine a more ecological society, and how that informs his approach to life(and vice versa). This is a great interview for anyone interested in farming, living off the land and self reliance.  If you are vegan/vegetarian and you’ve been hearing your whole life that when capitalism ends you’ll have to eat deer, Will’s work is proof that another way is possible.  

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Solecast w/ Phil Neel on Hinterland: America's New Geography of Class and Conflict

Phil Neel Hinterland

In this episode of the solecast I speak with Phil Neel. Phil is the author of Hinterland, a new book out on University of Chicago Press that examines what class conflict looks like as we zoom outward from the financial hubs and downtowns to the rural, suburban and exurban communities. In this conversation we talk about how logistics function on a global scale as capital has become diffuse and what this says about the way our system functions. Phil talks about places like Ferguson and Anaheim as examples, and gives context as to why things break down in these locations and what it means for the present & future. We talk about climate disaster, the nuances of so called “Trump Country”, and the importance of analyzing data instead of projecting our own ideas onto situations. We end the conversation with some take-aways from the book and how it can inform our thinking (and our actions).

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Solecast w/ Ceschi on Sad Fat Luck

Ceschi Sad Fat Luck Fake Four

In this episode of the Solecast I speak with my longtime friend Ceschi.  I really can’t say enough good things about this guy, when my career was in the dumps his label had my back and brought me back from the dead…  He has gone on to make some of my favorite music to come out of the indy rap scene and is a one of a kind performer blending rap, punk and folks into a unique and compelling package.  In 2019 he is releasing a trilogy of records and then ending the “ceschi” monicker, so like our coastal island cities and marginal desert eco systems… catch it before its gone!  

In this conversation we cover a lot of ground.  We talk about his roots in the bay area, his motivations, his relationship to revolutionary politics and why he does what he does.  We discuss how his experience in prison has made him a more empathetic person and he gets into his criticisms of the left, the right and these sick modern times.  We talk about race, indie hip hop, Marxism, his label Fake Four and so much more.  We close the interview with some live performances from his forthcoming projects. 

his new record Sad Fad Luck is available at sadfatluck.com

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Solecast w/ Drowning Dog & Malatesta on Anarchy, Radical Culture and Life In Europe


In this episode of the solecast i speak with anarchist rap innovators Drowning Dog And Malatesta.  As far as I know them and Test Their Logik are some of the first rappers to come out and really rep anarchy front and center.  They’ve been making music together for about 2 decades and have self released a number of ground breaking records, like Got No Time  , Black Cat  and their most recent “Sick Of This Shit”  

Now living in Berlin by way of Italy and San Francisco we have an awesome in depth and highly informative  conversation about a myriad of topics.  The main thrust of our conversation is how their music relates to anarchist politics and radical struggle and what they’ve learned and seen living and traveling in all these different places.  We talk about the importance of food, of multi generational spaces and why its important to have a more romantic view of daily life.  We talk about the legacy of radical struggle and squat culture in Europe and some of the complexities of it.  They highlight some of their favorite revolutionary projects they’ve encountered, talk about the pitfalls of fetishizing struggles elsewhere without considering context and most importantly how they approach their art and what its origins are…

Check out their music on bandcamp and follow Drowning Dog & Malatesta on twitter.

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Solecast w/ Jasper Bernes on The Radical Imagination & The Belly of The Revolution


In this episode of the Solecast I chat with Jasper Bernes. Jasper is the author of "We Are Nothing And So Can You" which is an epic poem inspired by the global uprisings around 2010. Jasper is also the editor of Commune Mag and we have a conversation about that project, its goals, and the ongoing discussions about "the commune" and what it means. We also talk about an excerpt from his forthcoming book about Agriculture, Logistics and Revolution and have a look-back on the Occupy movement and how intoxicating that moment was(for some people). Excellent episode which combines 3 of my favorite things: farming, poetry and philosophy.

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Solecast: w/ Abby Martin on Propaganda, Grassroots Journalism & The American Empire Under Trump.


In this episode of the solecast I chat with Abby Martin of The Empire Files.  Abby is a grassroots independent journalist who has worked previously for RT, Telesur and helped found Media Roots.  Her show Empire Files does in depth analysis on the US empire with wide ranging guests from Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz, Chris Hedges, and Noam Chomsky to name a few.  Due to US sanctions on Venezuela Telesur’s funding of Empire Files was cut off so now they continue that work and are a 100% viewer funded operation.  This is a wide ranging and at times funny conversation with some huge takeaways. There were many things Abby articulated in this interview I’ve never heard articulated elsewhere. Abby’s vantage point has given her a one of kind approach and analysis that you will not hear anywhere else.

 In this podcast we discuss:

  • How the “fake news” narrative has negatively impacts independent journalists

  • The ways corporate media algorithms & clickbait are shaping our world

  • Making sense of Donald Trump’s foreign policy

  • The strange  evolution of conspiracy culture 

  • A recent historical backdrop to the Venezuela situation and her recent personal experiences there

  • How NGO funding models impacts “independent media”

  • The importance of art and nature to remain grounded in the fight 

To learn more about The Empire Files subscribe to their newsletter, watch em on youtube and back em on patreon

Music: Born To Ruins by Sole from Destituent.

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Solecast w/ Carla Bergman & Nick Montgomery on Joyful Militancy


This episode of the solecast I chat with Carla Bergman and Nick Montgomery about their new(ish) book out on AK Press, “Joyful Militancy.”  This book is a critical examination of the toxicity that seems to be so common within activist subculture.   They talk about the (potential) influences that schooling, religion, hierarchy, and empire has on our lives and how it can even seep into our organizing.  The text is full of nuance and offers many pathways for how we can look at and work through these tendencies within ourselves, our spaces and our communities.  They talk about how militant joy, art, and practices that empower us all to thrive can make our movements stronger and healthier.  This book is a must read and The Solecast highly recommends this for reading groups to open up conversations on how we can rid ourselves of rigid radicalism, and open up the possibilities for joyful militancy.

Pick up the book on AK Press

For more info visit JoyfulMilitancy.com

Carla is also a filmmaker, check out the Emma Talks video series she talked about in the interview at EmmaTalks.org

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Food Autonomy w/ Aaron Parker on on "Unusual" Trees, Tree Care & Creating Polycultures For Food Forests


On this episode of the Solecast I talk with Aaron Parker of Edgewood Nurseries about some unusual edible trees to use in your backyard garden, orchard or food forest. We get in depth about tree care, disease resistance, picking which species of trees to grow in your area and how to propagate them. This is a long interview, he answers some audience questions about growing fruit trees, controlling pests and dealing with water distribution. He also lays out his approach to creating polycultures of mutually beneficial plants for trees. This is the second time Aaron has been on the Solecast, last time we talked about perennial veggies. To order some seeds, trees or plants hit him up at Edgewood Nursery Online Store and follow him on the gram.

In this episode I premiere a mellow new track “Measuring My Cage” from my upcoming album Destituent, that is available for pre-order here.

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Solecast w/ Two Paychecks Podcast on Music, Happiness & Survival


Preview of my new single “Battle Rap Against Oblivion” and announcing my new album Destituent. Pre-order a copy here. I’ve teamed up with Fake Four to release it on vinyl, cd, & digital formats. All physical copies come with professionally printed full color zines of the lyrics (original artwork by sole).

An awesome in depth and thoughtful conversation on the Two Paychecks podcast about my thoughts on art, anarchy, race, the origins of my podcast, modernity, survivalism and more. Check out the Two Paychecks Podcast here.

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Solecast w/ Rory Ferreira (FKA Milo) on Philosophy, Rap & Wonder


In this Solecast I took a trip down to Soulfolks Records in Biddeford, Maine to interview Rory Ferreira, the artist formerly known as Milo.  Milo is a rapper, producer, poet, shopkeeper, and member of the Ruby Yacht Collective.  Milo has a wide ranging catalogue of rap songs which are experimental, poetic and informed by study of his craft and literature.  Milo infuses a sense of wonder into his work, toying with the medium and keeps his work engaging without playing into the music industry or its pseudo-hype machine. 

  In this interview we discuss:

  • How growing up around a preacher helped shape his approach to rap & philosophy

  • How poetry informs his work

  • Maine life and why connection to nature is so important

  • His time working as a farmer

  • His politics (he wants Black folks to win)

  • His origins 

  • Why Ruby Yacht shits on police

  • Why he opened a record store in 2018, in Maine.

  • Fatherhood

  • His mother, Shay Stewart Bouley

Follow Rory, on Twitter, Fedbook, The Gram, or Bandcamp

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Solecast w/ Time On Rap, Journalism, Empathy, & Anarchy

In this Solecast I chat with Chris Steele Aka Time. Time is an anarchist rapper/writer/journalist/podcaster from Denver , Colorado. He publishes regularly through Truthout and collaborated with Noam Chomsky on his recent “Occupy” book. He just dropped a new album and is currently working on books about the history of anarchist repression and an anthology on Common Ground w/ Scott Crow.

In this interview we talk about:

  • His band Calm’s new album, “Things I Learned While Dying In Denver

  • How anarchism influences his journalism

  • Themes on his new album; empathy, housing, subverting capitalism & white supremacy

  • His new podcast called “TimeTalks

  • His experience in academia

  • Thoughts on how white rappers should engage in a black art

  • Random shit talking anecdotes about FTP marches and Denver in general

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Solecast w/ Woodbine NYC: An Experimental Hub Against The End Of The World


In this episode of the Solecast I chat with folks from Woodbine NYC.  Woodbine is an experimental hub in Queens that has been going for 5 years strong. Its hard to pin down what they do to any specific ideological persuasion, instead they draw from a wide range of influences and backgrounds to try to find new ways of looking at things to the skills to meet the challenges that face us. They host a multitude of events from poetry readings, educational events, assemblies, skill shares, gardening and too many things to list.  At the time of this interview they are fundraising for 2019 operations, please consider donating something here and follow them on fedbook / twitter

In this conversation we talk about:

  • Why spaces like this are so important under Trump

  • How Woodbine came about & the thinking that went into it

  • The concept of the anthropocene and why it serves as a good way to frame things for this century 

  • Concepts of revolution vs autonomy

  • What there is to learn from the models of Rojava & Chiapas.

  • The importance of breaking out of an ideological approach and pointing to specific liberatory practices

  • Amazon HQ2 coming to Queens and what this means 

  • Silicon Valleys role in our society

  • The importance of “sharing” 

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Solecast w/ Rodrigo Starz on Rebel Diaz, The Americas and The Power of Culture


In this episode of the solecast I chat with Rodrigo Starz of Rebel Diaz. Rebel Diaz is a Bronx/Chicago based political rap group that's been killing shit for over a decade. Whether its Ferguson, Occupy or a myriad of other social struggles, Rebel Diaz has been there and engaged. Their family left Chile after their father who was a political prisoner was released and they settled in The Bronx. They have made numerous musical & political interventions over the years and set up one of the only hip-hop squat/community centers in the US called the Rebel Diaz Arts Collective… in the Bronx. Check out their music on Bandcamp, and follow them on twitter.

In this interview we also discuss:

  • Their origins

  • Analysis on the socialist wins in Central /South America / North America over the past decades and the subsequent rise of fascism globally.

  • Their new album America vs America

  • Cultural differences between rap shows in the US and elsewhere

  • The role of deportation & immigration in spreading and influencing hip hop culture

  • Thoughts on early rap history in the Bronx & neo-liberalism (a fancy word for capitalism)

  • The history of their autonomous hip hop center in the Bronx

  • Fatherhood & multi generational struggle

  • His viral intervention against Ted Cruz

  • The power of culture

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Solecast w/ Sima Lee on Anarchism, Hip-hop & Revolutionary Praxis


In today’s episode of the Solecast I speak with Sima Lee.  Sima Lee is a truly revolutionary artist who was raised on Black Panther-eque / Black Nationalist communities of self defense and mutual aid.  Her entire life has been spent making rap music and doing revolutionary organizing.  I discovered her music through submedia’s Trouble documentary on Hip-Hop, check it out here to learn more about her and other radical rap artists.  In this interview we discuss:

  • Her upbringing and how she came to anarchism

  • The ideas of the maroon communities and how it informs her work

  • Her work at the maroon House in DC and the mutual aid practices they employ in the community

  • The importance of self defense and building lasting power beyond mobilizations

  • How to create stronger ties between (mostly) white anarchists and communities of color

  • Her new album “Trap Liberation Army

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Solecast: In Conversation w/ Coffee With Comrades On Nuclear Winter 3, Permaculture, Mental Health & Revolution

Nuclear Winter 3

Here is an interview I did on the Coffee With Comrades podcast a month ago about Nuclear Winter 3. It was a fun conversation ranging from art theory stuff to permaculture/food autonomy, revolutionary organizing and “self care.” Great talk with some great folks. If you dug this conversation check out more podcasts from Coffee With Comrades.

Get a free download of Nuclear Winter 3 here.

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Solecast: A Conversation About Inhabit, Instructions For Autonomy


In today's episode of The Solecast I’ll be speaking with some folks about a new project slash book called Inhabit : Instructions For Autonomy.  Inhabit takes a look at what it means to live and fight in a world that is burning around us.  It side steps the radical identity and ideological labels and focuses on a set of liberatory practices for building a new world in the ruins of this one.  While silicon valley types want to escape the ravages of climate change by building fortresses for the wealthy, Inhabit imagines a world of autonomous territories, sharing resources, skills and power.  

Read/Get The Book here
Follow them on the gram and twitter

To hear more interviews about Inhabit, check out this interview with Its Going Down.

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Food Autonomy: Working Class Vegan Recipes


Today is the first episode of my “Food Autonomy” series where I will be expanding my coverage on things from gardening, food production and how it relates to a revolutionary practice.  I started this journey with vegan cooking on a shoestring budget, so thats where I will start this series.  In this episode I talk about quick and inexpensive ways to cook dope healthy food for you and your peeps and most of these are good for feeding large amounts of people.  These are my go-to recipes and cooking styles when I have limited time and many are focused on storing food to eat throughout the “work week.”   In this podcast I  cover a number of best practices, recipes and methodologies, including:

Recipes Covered:

How To Bake Tofu
Chick Pea Salad
Tuna Fish Salad
Cooking with lentils & other dried legumes
Cast Iron Skillet Stir-fry
Tofu Scramble
Lentil Muajadara
Macrobiotic Cooking
Shepards Pie
Vegan Mac & Cheese Casserole
Seitan From Scratch
Grilling With Tofu
Cashew Gravy
Nutritional Yeast Gravy

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