New Sole & DJ Pain 1 Video: National Bird

Sole & DJ Pain 1's new album Nihilismo is out now on Black Box Tapes:

In the aftermath of their recent world tour and release of their 2nd studio album Nihilismo, Sole & DJ Pain 1 are back with "National Bird." National Bird is the title track for the film National Bird. The song was written and recorded knowing little about the film due to the sensitive nature of the whistleblowers involved, only that it was about Military whistleblowers. Having a few friends involved with Iraq Veterans Against The War and knowing a few vets with PSTD, sole had been wanting to write a song about drone warfare and resistance to war for a long time and this was the perfect outlet. During the final hours of film editing, Wenders and Kennebeck decided to use the song as the title for the film.

The National Bird Video is a fictionalized day in the life of a drone operator. The worker wakes up, drives his kids to school, goes and kills people thousands of miles away and makes it home in time for a BBQ. The psychological impacts of this style of warfare is a nightmare for both the people living in targetted areas and those employed as part of the “kill chain” in the U.S. drone warfare program.

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National Bird hits theaters and PBS stations in May, 2017. Catch an early screening in your city