The Solecast

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A critical exploration of radical ideas.  Long form interviews w/ artists, academics, writers, organizers and revolutionaries.  

#1 Mckenzie Wark on The legacy & value of the Situationist movement.  --Listen--
#2 Pat The Bunny on Anarchism, Utopian Thinking and Police.  --Listen--
#3 Chad Kautzer on conspiracies, financial crisis, the gold standard, & libertarian critique.  --Listen--
#4 Pictureplane on The Temporary Autonomous Zone, 2012, the state of music, the DNC in 2008 in Denver, The Rhinoceropolis & Ufos.  --Listen--
#5 Frank Lopez aka Stimulator on state repression & surveillence, issues w/ socialism, the Montreal student movement, the need for true indy media, & a world without cops.  --Listen--
#6 Busdriver on Project Blowed, experimental music, "The Feed," Hollywood, perpetual war, Israel, file sharing, & state of culture.  --Listen--
#7 Jason Hribal on The history of animal resistance.  --Listen--
#8 Jared Paul on Capitalism, Marx & resistance.  --Listen--
#9 Scott Crow on Common Grounds Collective in wake of Hurricane Katrina & revolutionary organizing.  --Listen--
#10 Graham Klumpner on Iraq Veterans Against the War, Environmental Collapse, war, video games & police.  --Listen--
#11 Ceschi Ramos on his time in prison, his art, his views & his Marxist politics.  --Listen--
#12 Will Potter on The Green Scare,  using drones against factory farms, the Nerd Scare, Animal Rights, Radical Activism --Listen--
#13 Terese Howard on Denver Homeless Out Loud on the housing crisis in Denver, Tiny Homes, and their advocacy for the homeless.   --Listen--
#14 Randy Greenback on the Military Entertainment Complex, "Games For Change," and the gaming industry.  --Listen--
#15 Scott Olsen on Occupy Oakland &  Militarism home and abroad.  --Listen--
#16 Pictureplane & Scott Crow on the history of industrial music & radical spaces.  --Listen--
#17 Doug Gilbert on anarchist strategy and counter-information--Listen--
#18 Open Mike Eagle on Indie Hip-hop and Race.  --Listen--
#19 Vivien Weissman on activist journalism and the hacker/whistleblower insurgency.  --Listen--
#20 Janet Biehl on the revolution in Rojava(aka Kurdistan) & Murray Bookchin -- Listen --
#21 Brendan McQuade on Post-work Politics & Digital Labor