Black Box Tapes Cassette UltraSale

As many people know I started a record label back in 2014 called “Black Box Tapes” and in the 2 years since I started it I have released albums from so many of my most dear music comrades.  Starting a record label in this transitional period of technology and art has not been easy, but if we want music from the fringes to survive we must support it and champion it.  Its been an honor working with all these people, they make some of my favorite music that has inspired me endlessly.  For the rest of the summer I will be offering these limited cassettes at a discounted rate in an effort to clear up space in my shed.  All cassettes are $5 until they are gone!  Spread the word and grab em before they vanish from the face of the Earth.  Each order will also include a complimentary free CD from my overstock storage.

These artists are truly amazing.  If you missed this stuff when they came out, this might be your last chance to grab one of these beautiful cassettes each limited to 100 copies.   Please keep in mind that anything other than cassettes is not eligible for this sale.

Grab all these cassettes at